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woensdag 5 februari 2014

Androidjs.org finally online!!! :D

Hi everyone. So i worked at my site for some time and now it is finally online!
So you can now follow the latest news on www.androidjs.org!

donderdag 30 januari 2014

LG G Pro 2 Photo leaked!?

It seems there is a picture leaked of the LG G Pro 2.
This picture shows in basic the same design with a white color.

LG does seem to do better when it comes to sales of there phone and they are trying to keep up with the big names like Samsung and Apple (and of course stay infront of brands like Sony)
The LG G pro 2 should be competing with the Samsung galaxy s5. But we do have to ask if it is something in the same class because the Samsung galaxy s5 will probelly have a 5.2 inch screen where the LG G Pro 2 will have a 6 inch screen. This is a pretty big differents and it is known that big phones don't sell as mutch as the smaller mid range size phones around 4,7 - 5 inch.

So are you waiting for this new phone? And do you hope it will look like this or where you hoping for a new look?

Possible Samsung Galaxy s5 Firmware seen

The date keeps getting closer and closer when we get to see the Samsung Galaxy s5. But the news does keep showing up. More and more rumours show up and now there is a new possible firmware. This shows something that kinda looks like the Story Album most people have on there Samsung. 
But this supports apps like facebook, message, google+ and more. 

The guys from Sammobile.com got there hands on these shots. And it looks pretty nice and sleek supporting the idea that samsung is working on a new styl for there Samsung galaxy S5

The codename of the phone is SM-G900H
But we cannot confirm that this is the Samsung Galacy s5. 
So we are still playing a geuss game. It could be that it is a phone just made for the people in Asia. 

Possible scratch free screen for Iphone 6

There are a lot of rumours going around when it comes to what Apple will do with there new phone, the iphone 6. Now there is a new rumour. This time there is talk about a new type of screen that could be a scratch free screen made out of sapphire

This news comes from the from http://9to5mac.com/2014/01/29/apple-aggressively-pushing-to-take-arizona-sapphire-plant-live-in-february-for-critical-product-component/

The site claims it is a document that has bin leaked and with that it seems that there is a hi change that it will get a screen like this.
But we do have to wonder on what level de scratch free works. It is the same idea as the LG G flex with the selfhealing coating. It does make scratches less but it cannot take the deeper scratches away.

But it would be good from Iphone to put this on there phone and at the end we have to wait and see what they will do with this.

zondag 26 januari 2014

Samsung galaxy gear 2 concept work in progress!

Hi everyone. I am working on my next concept! This time the gear 2. I have given a curve on the side, on that you can put apps. When you get a message you can slide it to the middle and it will open.

Also the idea of air gesture is on it.

donderdag 23 januari 2014

Third-party covers wont work on the Samsung galaxy note 3 after a the update!

It seems that Samsung is blocking the third-party makers of Samsung cases with the latest update that comes to the Samsung galaxy note 3. If you install the update it could be that the Third-party makers cover (s-view) would not work anymore. It would not function like it did before.

Samsung already said they wanne stop the third-party users from selling Products that Samsung made for there Samsung devices. What third-party users do i just make a same cover and let it function like the real deal, but for less money.

It seems that Samsung is starting working against that with the new update and some people mind find out that there third-party user s-cover wont work anymore.

New Samsung patent shows phone without home button

Again there is a picture online that shows a Samsung device. It is unkown what this device is but it shows a phone design without a button. This is something Samsung always had and in this patent we see a phone without. 

But we also see something that might be the fingerprint scranner but i could be mistaken. You can see what i mean on the right side on figure 3. Here you can see a bar and some strange lines going over it. (however you also see them in the middel and it could more or less give of the roundness of the device) It could be that this is the fingerprint scanner. 

What we can also see is a strange boc like idea on the back that we normally only see on the front. 
It look pretty big but it is unsure rather this is a box or something else. 

We can also see some strange lines going over the phone. This could be a texture idea or something like that. 

On the sides we only see 1 sets up buttons and again does strange lines. It seems to be a pretty round device from the picture. which can be seen by look from above and below to. 

Is this the Samsung galaxy s5? 

dinsdag 21 januari 2014

Eldar Murtazin: Galaxy s5 to be shown in Barcalona on February 23 at 6PM

It seems that unlike what has bin said before that the Samsung galaxy s5 will be shown 23th of February at 6PM in Barcalona.
In this twitter from Eldra we can also see that it will have a new touchwiz and the price would be the same.
And that the phone will be sold at the end of April.

This goes against the rumours from what has bin said before. But Eldra does have a good track record with last year also being almost correct about when the S4 would be shown and sold.

So unlike last year Samsung will not make a special event for showing there new phone. But they will join the others like Sony.

The specs seem to be correct to. But there are some different specs going around so the question is what specs? Mainly the 5.25 inch screen and the 2k resolution seems to be correct but then the question is what processor and how mutch ram. There are rumours of it having a snapdragon 800 and 3GB ram. In my eyes it would not be a big enough stap seeying how it would be on the same level as the Note 3 and that phone is a bit older then when this phone will be released. In my eyes it should have a snapdragon 805 or the new exynos processor.

LG G flex is being released in more country's 

It seems that LG has a lot of trust in there LG G flex. This flex rounded phone is the first Flexible phone ever. This phone can be bended unlike the Samsung galaxy Round.
And it seems there is some succes in it for LG because they are releasing it in more country's

This phone features a 6 inch screen with a resolution of 720P (1280x720)
To power this device you have a Snapdragon 800 in it running at a speed of 2.26Ghz
to back this up you have 2GB ram in it and you will have 32GB of internal memory
at the back you can find a 13 megapixel camera and a 2.1 at the front.

The phone comes standard with android 4.2.2
But normally LG does seem to get updates pretty fast.

It will now be releasing in: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Austria, The netherlands and Belgium.

Are you waiting for this phone?

Optus Samsung Ativ S OTA reboot problems after update. 

Now many know Samsung for releasing phones with Android, but they also make windows phones.
One of does windows phones is Optus Samsung Ativ S OTA.
But there seems to be a problems with the latest update that is comming to the phone.
When you download this new update you can get problems with the reboot.

The phone after installing can keep restarting the system. It does not seem to stop doing so.

'On January 16, 2014 Grant Stokes shared his issue with the Microsoft Community under the Samsung Ativ S section, he said that his particular smartphone keeps rebooting all the time after the OTA update.
He said that there was the new OTA update so he went ahead with it, he mentioned that these updates always download without a hitch so he just went ahead with it. He done the install and since doing so he said it went all horribly wrong, at first it was ok and then it just started continually rebooting.
Grant left the rebooting process for 3 hours and nothing, he then took the battery out and still this did not help, he even tried a hard reset using WMPowerUser’s help guide to hard reset and still no go, it did not work.
After he tried the hard reset and installed the OTA update it just started all over again with the rebooting issue. He said all he sees is blue windows phone screen and then “samsung mob!le” and then reboot'. (taken phone Phonereviews.co.uk)

Do you have the same problem? Or is you phone ok?

Samsung galaxy Note 3 update android  4.4.2 now in Russia

Samsung is releasing the update slowly to other country's where it started in Poland
it is now the update is comming to russia. This is the #G version with the Exynos processor. So not the Snapdragon 800 version.

This update can be installed with the Program Kies from Samsung but you can also do this by downloading it on your phone. Your phone will show you that there is a update for you phone.

Just press on it and it will start downloading the update. The phone will install everything and then you will have the new updated installed!

maandag 20 januari 2014

Sony Xperia Z2 work in progress. 

Hi everyone. So just released a new concept. And a other concept from me is also online on Samsunggalaxys5.nl. But today i am starting also a new concept. This time not Samsung but Sony.
I am working on the Sony Xperia Z2.

Now i could just in basic take the shape of the Z1 because it will probelly just look like the z1 but i did wanne make some changes. So i am working on the back to have a bit of a roundness to it and on the front where you can see the color red and bleu ish that is a indicator in when you get a message.

This is a demo picture and i am still working on it.

New UI from Samsung show up again

Samsung seems to be really working at a different look for there next gen phones.
A lot of people don't really like the look anymore and think it is outdated and therefore Samsung is changing the look.

Not to long ago i posted a picture from @evleaks with the home screen but now we have more a travelguide idea?

This new look should help with people wanting to buy the phone but also make the people who dislike look that Samsung is using now get the new phone.

What do you think about this look?

'Samsung galaxy S5 will not have a irisscanner'

It seems Samsung will not put in the irisscanner on the Samsung galaxy S5. There are a view reasons that it will not be on there, but mostly because it would make the device bigger and with a bigger screen it would not be a good stap therefore Samsung would probelly not put on the irisscanner. 

It is suggested that Samsung will put in the Fingerprint scanner. This scanner would be below the screen. So no different button or anything like that. 

It seems scanners like this will happen around 1 year later. But it might also be something for the Samsung galaxy note 4. 
But for that we have to wait and see what will happen. 

zondag 19 januari 2014

Possible Z2 picture shows up!

Yesterday i posted a picture of the possible Z2 casing, but today i got a new picture.
This picture is showing unkown phone from Sony and it is possible that we are watching the Sony Xperia Z2 here!

At the moment the phone has a codename D6503 so it is unkown if this is the Z2 or the Z1L
But the Z1l does go by a different codename the D6502. But because the phones looks a lot like the Z1 i would not rule out that it could be the Z1L

BUt i can see some differentses. I do notice a red light on top that i have not seen on the Z1 but i could be wrong here. The designs looks pretty good and look pretty cool.

But if you wanne be sure just wait around 1 month and it is possible we will see the real phone then:)

for now enjoy the pictures:)

zaterdag 18 januari 2014

Zopo ZP80+ Octa core phone with a impressive price tag!

Zopo is not really a well known company but they make some cheap impressive phone when it comes to there specs.
This new phone the Zopo ZP80+ is very impressive when it comes to the price compared to the specs it has.

The phone sells for $165 about 999 Yuan, but with that you get:
Octa core 1.7Ghz cortex-A7
5 inch display (1920*1080)
14 megapixel f2.2 rear camera

In the picture you do see 8 Megapixel but according to Giz China it would feature a 14 megapixel. This picture then could be more of a demo idea.

Sony Xperia Z2 panel shows up! Possible specs included

There seems that there is a picture of the Sony Xperia Z2 panel online.
This picture shows in basic the same shape idea as the Z1

This phone would probelly have a 5.3 inch screen and a rear camera of 23 megapixels
Also this phone would be in 5 different colors.

The phone will probelly be unvealed next month but until that time we have to wait and see and not take it to serious.
But of course having a 23 megapixel camera would be amazing!

Iphone working on 2 screen sizes

At the moment it seems more and more rumours support that Iphone is working on bigger screens.
But this time the rumour is that it will result in a release of a 5,5 inch Phablet phone and a 4,7-inch phone.
The names of the Iphone pahblet will just be that. And the 4.7 inch would be called the Iphone 6 air.

The Phablet phone would probelly have a 1920x1080 resolution resulting in a PPI of 401, where the Iphone 6 air will have a resolution of 1600x900 with a PPI of 386

Apple might have to make a bigger screen to keep the succes they have with there phones. But we can also ask if people who buy iphone would wanne see a bigger screen. It could result in new costumers but you do have to wonder if they current costumers buy it because it has a small screen. Because the change of the phone being pretty much bigger in size is there to. Iphone i know to have a lot of space around the screen. It is not really a adge to edge idea.

So this is something we have to wait for.

What do you guys hope for?

vrijdag 17 januari 2014

HTC one M8 picture of case leaked?

It seems there is a leak of a case that could be for the HTC one M8.
There is not mutch we can tell from it but just that the shape will have the same idea. Witch is to exspected. The back will have some small differets when you look at it. You can see that the flash is above the camera and the camera should have something on the side. This could be the fingerprint scanner?

donderdag 16 januari 2014

Samsung Galaxy Innov8 concept done :)

So i worked on the concept and now it is done :)
Worked on it for some time but here it is!!
Short "video" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AII396CAJR8

Samsung galaxy Innov8 concept

Still working on a concept. This concept is based on the Samsung Innov8 and it is a old style. This is a sliding phone. This sliding phone does not have the normal keyboard but the old style. Something i liked. 
It is not done yet :) 

This phone will have Android and Tizen. The idea is that you use a switch that was on the Innov8 to control your camera. A good "test" phone. 

HTC one X not getting android 4.4

It seems that HTC is not releasing android 4.4 to there HTC one X.
Before the thought was that HTC would release android 4.4 to there HTC one x but now HTC will not have it.

But also the HTC one X+ will not get the update. And even wurse it will not get any updates in the future.
But we have to ask if it is really a bad thing. Because they phone did not really sell well. And it might also be a waist for HTC to focus on that.

So what do you think about this news? Are you a owner of the HTC one X or X+? and where you waiting for the update?

Let me know in the comments below!

LG G flex srceen bump problems. 

Lg released there LG G flex some time ago. And it was a totally new way how to make a phone. Yes Samsung released a rounded shape phone to but it could not bend, where the LG G flex could. 
However this seems to create some problems. 
It seems that there are bumps showing up on the screen and these bump appair on more phones. 

The picture is taken by a sales men that has seen this on more then one. 
LG has acknowledged the problem but are playing it down. 
by saying:  

“Because key components inside the G Flex such as the glass cover, OLED display, battery and frame are elastic, excessive or frequent force that flattens the device may produce bumps. The issue has no relation to the performance and quality of the device.”

They also stated that the bumps would slowly go away. However this is something we have to wait and see.
But even though it does not effect the phone and its preformance it does not look good if you ask me. 

Huawei working to release a phone with a Octa-core 64-bit CPU

Where Iphone has the 64 bit other company's have yet to release a phone with a 64 bit CPU.
Next to Samsung that is working on it with there S5, Huawei is also going to release a 64-bit processor.
The CPU's that will be used are Quad-core CPU's Cortex A-53 and a Cortex A-57 combination.
Where the A-57 will be the one to do the hard work the A-53 will do more the light work.

So it works the Same as Samsung's Octa-core and it will help with a better battery life.

However we do still have to wait till they release a phone with this new CPU.

woensdag 15 januari 2014

Huawei B199 a new phone from huawei that looks like the S3

Huawei is releasing a new phone. This new phone is a mid-range phone and has a nice design to it. But some people might think he wait i have seen that design. If so you are correct... the phone looks a lot like the Samsung galaxy s3.

the phone features a 1,6Ghz processor, 5,5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280x720 (720p), 2GB of ram and 16Gb of internal memory.
to keep the phone running we can find a 3.000 mAh battery in there.
the phone is said to be a bit to hi in price compared to the specs.
the price for this phone is ¥ 1999.00

So are you going to buy this phone? 

dinsdag 14 januari 2014

Sony releasing a budget phone and a mid-range tablet

Sony just presented 2 news phones. 
1 of the phones has a 4-inch screen and the other has a 6-inch screen!
The phones are called Sony Xperia T2 and Sony Xperia E1

The Sony Xperia T2

This phone has a ^-inch screen with a resolution of 1280x720
On the back we can find a 13 megapixel camera. 
The phone has a 1.4Ghz quad-core processor and with that 1GB of ram. 
The keep the phone running the putted in a 3000mAh. 
And the phone also has 8GB of internal memory

The phone should cost around 399 euro's

Sony Xperia E1

This smaller phone has a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 800x480. 
It has a 1.2 dual-core processor in it and 512MB of ram. 
There is also 4Gb internal memory

This phone however has a special Walkman button, by pressing that button for some time the music control will start. 

The phone should cost around 149 euro's

Htc giving a preview of the htc one plus?

On the dutch facebook page htc is showing a picture with in black phone shapes.
With the titel "something special is comming"
In the picture we can see that we see something that could be the htc one and next to it a slightly bigger phone next to it. This could mean it is the htc one plus.
We can see the shape is about the same but Just a bit bigger, supporting the idea of it having a bigger screen. Wich could be around 5"

We can also see a number on the right. Saying 79. Could this be days till release or just when the will show it?

maandag 13 januari 2014

Successor to Sony Xperia Z1 to be presented at the end of Fabruary

Sony is getting pretty good at making there phones stand out more. And being a succes. 
And right now it seems the successor of the Z1 will probelly be presented at the end of Febraury.

The phone right now is under the codename Sirius wich is probelly the Xperia Z2!

The change is that the phone will be presented at the MWC at Barcalona. 
It seems to be correct seeying how unlike Samsung, Sony does not really make a special event for it. 

The phone will probelly have a Ultra HD screen with a 5,2" display size. 
That would mean a PPI of around 565.
And like before the phone will probelly have the same water/dust resisting coating.
The battery according to rumours is around 3700mAh and like the Z1 to have a 20.7 megapixel camera. 
It is rumoured it would also be abble to record in Ultra HD. Wich is 2560x1440, even though that is pretty impressive the Samsung galaxy note 2 already can record at a 4k resolution!

Samsung showing of Foldable display to the selected view!

It seems that behind closed doors samsung was showing of a new type Foldable display!
The new display utilises a new plastic substrate allows for a paper thin display that is highly flexile!

But what the most important thing was is that Samsung managed to integarte the toutchscreen functionality!
So on the paper thin display you can now control it like a normal display. This is accomplished by the use of a single layer metal mesh material, which should negate the need for a dedicated touch recognition chip and this would in turn help to keep the cost low. 

Samsung to also release a Samsung galaxy s5 zoom and mini

While we are waiting for the Samsung galaxy s5 it seems there is a new rumours. It seems that Samsung will next (to the mini version of the S series they normally make), also release a Zoom of the Samsung galaxy s5.
Now we have to ask ourself why would samsung do that? 

They are already throwing is down with the many phones they release but they dont seem to change there game for 2014. 
But the zoom to be honest has a great potential. The size itself did not really bother me. It felt stronger because of it. 
But the speed of the phone did bother me. Now if the s4 zoom had a way better speed i would really think about it. But because it was just a to slow phone in my eyes i did not think about the phone. 

But if samsung pumps up the phone to: 4,6" 720p/1080p 2gb ram 16 gb memory 16/20 megapixel camera with the same zoom and a snapdragon 800. then the phone could really be something people would buy. Because you can then really use it in many different ways. 

So what do you think about the idea? 
Would you wanne see another zoom version?
And do you think the Mini version of the s5 should atleast get around the same specs as the S5?

Let me know in the comments below!

Samsung galaxy Innov8 concept! (w.i.p)

New Samsung concept. Samsung galaxy Innov8. Based on Samsung galaxy innov8! one of my favorit phones... 
This concept has a sliding out system and then you get to the keyboard. Old school typing  
Still my favorit ^^ feedback on your hands!

More to follow soon but now i have to train!

'Acer Tab 7' a budget tablet with android Jelly Bean

Acer already has some cheap ablets and now there are releaing one more but this will have android Jelly Bean on it. Normally when you buy a budget phone you will get a older version of android so that is pretty nice to see.
This tablet is called the Acer Tab 7 and will feature just minimal specs.
The name already says it but it will have a 7-inch display with a resolution of 600x1024 (169 PPI)
running with Android 4.2
It will be powered by a Dual-core Cortez A9 processor that is running at a speed of 1.5Ghz, backing up that power is 1GB of ram.
At the back you will find a 1.9 megapixel camera where at the front you have to accept the very very low 0.3 megapixel Camera.
You will have 8GB of internal memory and a battery of 3,000 mAh.
Other features are Bleutooth, Wi-fi 802.11 g/n. micro HDMI and a Micro USB

The tab will be sold around the $99 mark and then comes close to the Samsung galaxy tab 3 lite that has bin rumoured for some time.

But the specs are very low and you have to ask yourself what will you do with it?
if it is for browsing and watch video's you are good. But when you hope for playing nice games on it then you can better wait and get a better tablet.

But i do love how the tablets look. Even more so on the back. It has a very nice idea to it!

Samsung galaxy s5 to be shown in March

There have bin rumours about when Samsung would come and show the Samsung galaxy s5.
There was news that it would be shown at CES 2014 but we all know that did not happen, then there where rumours it would be shown in february in Barcalona.
But now it seems that we are going to another month and this time it is March.
The unpacking 2014 event will probelly show the Samsung galaxy s5 and maybe the gear 2 also.

The time scale seems to be correct if we look at years before, but also from what a Samsung executive said called Lee Young Hee. He also claimed that the S5 would be released at the beginning of April!