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donderdag 30 januari 2014

Possible Samsung Galaxy s5 Firmware seen

The date keeps getting closer and closer when we get to see the Samsung Galaxy s5. But the news does keep showing up. More and more rumours show up and now there is a new possible firmware. This shows something that kinda looks like the Story Album most people have on there Samsung. 
But this supports apps like facebook, message, google+ and more. 

The guys from Sammobile.com got there hands on these shots. And it looks pretty nice and sleek supporting the idea that samsung is working on a new styl for there Samsung galaxy S5

The codename of the phone is SM-G900H
But we cannot confirm that this is the Samsung Galacy s5. 
So we are still playing a geuss game. It could be that it is a phone just made for the people in Asia. 

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