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zondag 12 januari 2014

Samsung galaxy s4 android 4.4 testversion shows up online

So Samsung is working hard on getting the latest android to there smartphones. The latest will have many things that would benefit the phone.
one of does things is that it does not as mutch space as the older versions of android and it uses less memory!
Now that is a real good thing. But we have to wait...
Well not anymore in a way. A unofficial update to android 4.4 is released and is no online for you to download.
Of course you have to know what you doing because it is not a official update and does not go true the program "kies" of Samsung themself.
So when you install this it is at your own risk!

So you can download it right here: http://www.sammobile.com/2014/01/10/exclusive-i9505xxufna1-leaked-android-4-4-2-kitkat-test-firmware-for-galaxy-s4-gt-i9505/

If you scroll down you can see that you can download it, but you can also see how to install it!
So be sure that you follow does steps correct!