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vrijdag 10 januari 2014

Samsung galaxy note 3 neo picture!

So as we know by know the name of the "light" version of the Samsung galaxy note 3 is neo and we know what the specs would probelly would be like. But we did not know what it would look like. We could geuss and probelly you would have bin correct. Because the Samsung galaxy note 3 neo looks just like its big brother. Just a bit smaller...

When i heard that the Samsung galaxy note 3 neo would be called neo instead of light i was happy because the new drew it away from what the device really is. But now that i know it will probelly be Samsung galaxy note 3 neo, i am back to my previous thought, that the name is something that aint a smart move of Samsung. The name makes a link to the Note 3, and people will exspect it be be somewhat close to the note 3 when it comes to speed. But it is not. Therefore this name will not really help them in any way!

But anyway what do you think about it? Like the look? 
And would you get it because the note 3 is just a bit to much in price?

Let me know in the comments below!