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zondag 19 januari 2014

Possible Z2 picture shows up!

Yesterday i posted a picture of the possible Z2 casing, but today i got a new picture.
This picture is showing unkown phone from Sony and it is possible that we are watching the Sony Xperia Z2 here!

At the moment the phone has a codename D6503 so it is unkown if this is the Z2 or the Z1L
But the Z1l does go by a different codename the D6502. But because the phones looks a lot like the Z1 i would not rule out that it could be the Z1L

BUt i can see some differentses. I do notice a red light on top that i have not seen on the Z1 but i could be wrong here. The designs looks pretty good and look pretty cool.

But if you wanne be sure just wait around 1 month and it is possible we will see the real phone then:)

for now enjoy the pictures:)

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