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donderdag 19 december 2013

Another Samsung shows up in benchmark tests! SM-900F

So before we had the SM-900G but now we got the F
This phone showed up in a benchmark to and with something we can say looks pretty good.
I have my own theory about what this device is but we will talk about that later.
first i wanne show the specs.

So the specs are:
5"1920x1080 super amoled
Qualcomm snapdragon 800
16 megapixel camera on the back
andreno 330 GPU
3GB ram
and android 4.4

after seeying this online i started to think about the latest rumours that are showing up about the samsung galaxy s5. And i started to think why there is a differents in resulotion and name.

So what i think is that the Samsung SM-900F now note the F! means that this is the flex version. We can see that the LG G flex has a lower resulotion then the normal one (a 720 instead of a 1080p) this could also be the case for the samsung galaxy s5. Because there are rumours that there will be 2 version.

So in basic i think the F stand for FLEX and the G is just the "normal" version. What do you guys think?