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maandag 30 december 2013

Sony's next flagship phone rumours!

It is almost 2014 and almost the CES of 2014 will happen!
With this the rumours keep getting more and more!
This is nice to have and we can see what the future might bring!
Right now 1 of the rumours is about the new Sony flagship phone!
This phone would atleast have a snapdragon 800 or even the faster 2.5Ghz Snapragon 805!

There are 2 phone being talked about, 1 with a 5.2" screen and one that is just a bit lower then 5"so maybe a 4,9?
But a strange thing with the last one is that. Digi-wo indicates that this device will have a "no mobile version" what this means is not sure. But words on the canopus is that it will be released in early may.

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