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maandag 23 december 2013

'The Samsung galaxy s5 and the Iphone 6 won't have flex screen'

We all know that Samsung has bin working on flex dislays and that there are rumours that apple will make a fex display for there Iphone 6.

But according to some good sources this won't happen. This is because the production possibility's are not there. This means if they wanne make something it would take to long. And with sales for the phone in the millions at the first view weeks bolth of the companies could not deliver the phones.

The source is: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20131222000149

in this article i already claimed tha a flex display for the s5 will probelly not happen: http://androidjs1.blogspot.nl/2013/12/samsung-galaxy-s5-rumours-so-far-time.html?view=flipcard

so would you like to see a flex display for your phone?

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