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zondag 22 december 2013

Samsung Galaxy tab 3 7" give away!

Hi everyone. So i wanne do a give away of a tablet!
The tablet will be the Samsung galaxy tab 3 7"!
What you have to do is be a follower of my blog. 
To have more change you can also follow my youtube channel. 
So if you follow bolth you have more change of winning the tablet. 

That is my channel. 

So all you have to do is follow my channel. To get even more change respond below and give a like!

The selection will be pretty simple. All names will be placed in a bol (when you follow me here. Given a like and follow my youtube channel and posted a command here your name will be in there 4 times. If you follow me on youtube make sure that it is visible else i cannot select you in there and command below what that youtube channel name is)
so you can have you name in that bol 4 times. 
then i just take one out and then you have the change to win it!

So to put it all togheter

Follow my blog
Subscribe to my youtube channel (with showing that you follow me)
Press the like button below. 
And commant on 1 of my blogs. 

the give away will happen when i have 50 followers here