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donderdag 19 december 2013

Smartwatch/phone concept by jermaine! A concept like no other!

So we all know about Smartwatches. In basic it is a pretty cool idea. But then again it does not really sell that good. And you know why use a Smartwatch to make a picture when you have your phone?
Well i did see something in smartwatches. But i took it to a waaaaaaay different level.

This will be a long story to explain but i try to keep it short. Because i did look at everything to make the concept work. And not something without thinking about problems that will show up and what you have to do to fix this.

So the idea is that you have a "watch" you can just put it on like a watch. On a small display you can see the time a incoming call or message. And also you can use it as a sporting help because you can see your heart rate on it.

But what if you get a call in? Turn to watch to the inside of your hand, say answer phone to just call without the display comming out. Or press the button and the display will come out. Now this is a flex display so it moves and you can easly use it. The good point about this is that you can just let it close after you call without putting your phone in the pocket.

But what if you wanne send a text message? A flex display moves allot of you have a flex one like this. So that problem has to be fixed. I really had to look how to fix this. But at the end the fix is pretty simple.. What you do is you can remove the phone of the watch. (behind the watch there is a display that will then turn on with basic information also.

Now below the screen of the watch itself there is a bar. You can easly remove it and then you can slide it out and you press it in on bolth side below the phone screen. With this there is tension on the screen and it will then move way less and allow you to type you message.

Also when you remove your phone the small display will show your battery time and so on. This is to save space on the phone display itself.

So like i said a pretty long story about a concept.

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