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zaterdag 21 december 2013

Samsung galaxy s5 rumours so far

The time that the Samsung galaxy s5 will be released is getting closer and closer. 
While there is no date know about when it will be released or even show there are a lot of rumours about the next flagship of Samsung. 
The rumours are mostly based on things Samsung orders in other company's to make. Like metal parts and so on. 
But also based on things people wanne see and samsung is also working on that is know by samsung itself. 
In this i wanne put some rumours togheter. And at the end put realistic specs on the phone itself. 


We know that samsung is working on a screen that has a PPI of 586
now there is a easy way to see what that would mean in terms of size. 
And we get really close to the 586 PPI when you put a 5"screen on it. 
So with that it would suggest that it would have a 5"screen if this screen is for the S5. 

Offcourse there is also something going on with a flex screen. According to rumours the Samsung galaxy s5 would be released with a flex screen and a normal screen. 
And seeying some benchmark test results we see more phones. in the SM-G900 in that we see a code with F behind it and with that a lower resulotion then the other. What i was thinking about after this is that it could be that this is the Flex screen Samsung is working on. 

And what plays part here is the differents in the resolution. Where the others have a resolution of 2560x1440 (QHD) the SM-G900F had a 1920x1080 (FHD) screen. 
We see with the LG G flex the resolution is different from the LG G2 while the phone is based on that one. 
So maybe the screen cannot support the resolution of QHD


Off course a lot of people wonder what Samsung would do with the design of the Samsung galaxy s5. 
Some rumours are about it being made in metal and will have a uni body. Meaning you cannot open the back and the plastic will be gone in total. 

Some suggest that it will have a metal/alliminium body for the flex and a normal plastic for the normal one. 

But we can also look at the note 3 to think what Samsung would do with the design because they stepped away from the normal "just make it bigger" look. 
The putted a fake leather texture on the back that feels and looks way better and made the Note 3 look really classy. 

But we can also look at the Samsung galaxy J and the Samsung galaxy active. We see on bolth of does devices you can still remove the backcover with parts being metal/allimium. 

So what i think that will happen is: 
Alliminium front and sides. And the fake leather texture on the back that is made out of plastic and still possible to be removed and therefore you can still open the back wich is one of the great things of the Samsung devices. 


Funny enough you don't really see a lot of rumours about its processor. 
People just don't know. 1 reason for that is that 1 version wil have Samsungs own processor and that will not be made public to know before it is shown. 
And 1 version will have a snapdragon. And then it is pretty easy to see what Samsung would use for there latest flagship. 

So in basic we should see the latest Exynos core on there and the latest Snapdragon. For the snapdragon that would so far mean the Snapdragon 805 with 2,5 Ghz. and andreno 420 GPU


Off course the camera is one important part on the Samsung phones. 
There are plenty of rumours about what it would have and if it will have OIS or not.
Samsung is working on 2 camera's 1 of it is in 16 megapixel and one is a 20 megapixel. 
So that is just known. And one of does will go to the Samsung galaxy s5. 
But the question is would it have OIS?
Well it seems that Samsung has some problems with making the OIS on the 16 megapixel. 
But seeying how Samsung Mobile and Samsung camera joined forces i do think Samsung will fix the problem before it's release. Therefore i think Samsung will have a 16 megapixel camera with OIS on it. 
The 20 megapixel will probelly be on the Samsung galaxy note 4.

So in basic the phone would be in my eyes:

-5" Super amoled 2560x1440 display
-32 GB memory
-3GB ram (depends on release date the 4GB would be possible if it is around june)
-Snapdragon 805 2.5 quad core
-Adreno 420 GPU
-16 megapixel camera with OIS (120fps slow motion)(4k resolution in video recoding) 2.3 Megapixel front
-Alliminium front and sides (with special coating . Fake leather texture back that can be removed

The flex phone i think won't happen as a international release and maybe just a release in Asia. Seeying how it would not make any sence to release 2 S5 version worldwide. 

So what do you think the Samsung galaxy s5 will have? 

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